Horse Lab & Federico Tanzi Winning Partnership

Federico Tanzi

We are delighted that Federico Tanzi joined our Team as Official Testimonial and Horse Rider.


  • 2014 Italian champion pol bending Fite-trec ante ponte dera silver

  • 2014 Ttalian champion barrel racing dire-trec ante ponte dera lf prissy black

  • 2015 Futurity champion tossicia kiki for sure

  • 2016 Futurity champion zino ranch Pv de il fame

  • 2016 Futurity champion colle ulivo ranch pv devil fame

  • 2016 Maturity Champion firewater dunit

  • 2017 Futurity champion famous very easy

  • 2017 Master cup champion 1d pole bending

  • 2018 Pole bending champion arma di taggia barrel on the beach Silver

  • 2018 Champion barrel on the beach barrel open 1dv famous very easy

  • 2018 European champion barrel racing famous very easy

  • 2018 Coppa Italia champion barrel open mafia fame

  • 2018 Maturity champion full ranch famous very easy

  • 2018 Darby champion e resev champion full ranch runnaway fast ~ lv sherry dash

  • 2018 Italian champion pole bending tango snapper jak

  • 2018 Champion gran champion delle regioni travagliato famous very easy

  • 2019 Champion coppa Italia barrel racing mafia fame

  • 2019 Champion coppa Italia pole bending tango snapper jak

  • 2019 Maturity champion il mio west mafia n easy

  • 2019 Italian resev champion pole bending tango snapper jak

  • 2019 Italian champion barrel racing fast to the max

Federico Tanzi

Fast To The Maxin – Barrel Italian Champion 2019

Famous Very Easy – Barrel European Champion 2018

Tango Snapper Jack – Pole Bending Italy Cup Champion 2019

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